Andrea teaches people of all ages and levels specializing in classical realism. She customizes a curriculum for each student, focusing on their unique goals. Some students are project oriented while others prefer a more methodical step by step approach. In both cases some of the important areas of study are:

The relation based on size between parts or objects within a composition.

Line Weight
How light or dark a line appers on any surface. In any drawing it is used to communicate depth, importance, and proximity.

Light Logic
The basic elements that make up the pattern of light and shadow on a form.

The depiction of depth perception in 3D models or illustrations by varying the level of darkness.

Form and Volume Creation
The shape and structure of something and the ability to make it look 3D.

Andrea teaches a variety of different mediums based off the student’s interest. Those mediums include:

Color pencil

Although she can focus on any one medium she highly recommends starting with drawing, which is the foundation for any artist. Either way, drawing and being able to see areas of correction is paramount. She will give her opinion on the best way to see results but the optimum goal is not only to instruct but to inspire.

Samples of student’s work before and after Andrea’s instruction: